4 problems that married women are most resentful to men

In the relationship between men and women, everyone is eager to understand and understand each other. But things are counterproductive, sometimes it is the distance to produce beauty, the month of intimate lover, the more serious the quarrel may break out. When men and women get along for a long time, some behaviors of women can make men disgusted and men disgusted. If women don’t change, they may destroy each other’s feelings. So what is the behavior of women who are least liked by men? First of all, I always like that it may be a woman’s nature, especially when two people are together for a long time. After a few years of marriage, there may be little communication between them. Only women’s jealousy makes men think that you are a Superficial woman. So most of the time, women should learn to shut up, or can confide their girlfriends, whether they like to listen to their husbands, they should not just lick themselves, which will affect their feelings. Second, there are many bad habits. In the minds of men, smoking, drinking and deaf people are patents for men. If a woman also has these bad habits, it will make men resent and escape. I believe that few people dare to be your boyfriend. Unless they grow up together, men are really afraid of such girls and will inevitably feel uncomfortable together. If a woman has too many bad habits, if a man doesn’t want to love you too much, then no man can bear it. Third, too vain vanity is something that every woman has. Appropriate vanity is no problem. If you have too much vanity, you can satisfy your vanity only if you have the conditions. Although men can give you money, if you ask a man to give you a luxury gift, this should not be a big problem, but if you always want to continue, no one can afford it. Fourth, the slow-moving, non-makeup is a visual animal. If he faces a lazy woman all day, he can’t bear to escape. In fact, when girls are single, they may dress very fashionable. They are always beautifully dressed to attract the attention of men. But when they get married, they no longer pay attention to their appearance. They are a mess all day. In fact, women do not need to wear makeup all day, as long as a light makeup, you can also please men, let them feel good. In short, in fact, when men and women get along, women must change some bad habits, which may make men very disgusted and destroy the relationship between men and women. In addition, after marriage, women should not forget to dress themselves, but also pay attention to their image in order to maintain their feelings for a long time.