Women’s 4 kinds of privacy make men cranky

Some men don’t understand why women want to refuse to greet, they obviously want it, but the body does not match your intimacy. In fact, you have to understand that this is just a strategy for women. When she pushes you away, she is often ready to hug you next time. 1. The first pair of shoes is more memorable than the first kiss. According to a survey, 92% of women remember the shoes they bought for the first time with their own money, whether it was brand-name shoes or discounted goods on the street, but only 63% of women remembered the name of their first kisser. More exaggerated is that 96% of women regret giving up a pair of shoes, but only 15% of women feel that they have given up their boyfriend. 2. Wednesday is like a menstrual day. Most women have their own independent opinions about going to work. They don’t want to work too much or be bored. But the irony is that women must stay in bed before going to work. It is very common to close your eyes and brush your toothpaste on your face. They didn’t know what to do on Monday. Wednesday is more like a black watershed. Looking forward to this day, through this day, their mood is very unstable at this time, just like when the aunt came. three. 80% of women are not satisfied with their body. Even very bright models or bright stars often express dissatisfaction with a certain part of their body. Many women even think that they are not full-bodied, they are not sexy enough, and the chest and face are not charming enough. In any case, in the eyes of women, they will never be the most beautiful, so many women will do some minor surgery or some inferiority complex in places they are not satisfied with. 4. More than 70% of female husbands are not their preferred spouse or do not meet the initial mate selection criteria. Although many of them are living a happy life now, in fact, 70% of female husbands are not their first choice. The reason I choose my husband now is because I think that the criteria I choose for my spouse are either not in line with the needs of reality, or that reality is more important than love.