Through the above introduction, it is found that male ligation

Through the above introduction, it is found that male ligation has a certain influence on the body, mainly introduced from the aspects of benefits and disadvantages. Although ligation can help effective contraception, it is still harmful to health, so male ligation should also be carefully considered!

Although male ligation is not common, it is also a very safe and simple procedure. The principle is to cut or block the passage of sperm excreted from the body, so as not to affect the production of sperm. Since the delivery tube is cut, the sperm cannot be output, and it accumulates in the testicle and is reabsorbed without any damage to the testicle. After ligation, sexual intercourse still has a normal ejaculation process, and women can also feel the ejaculation pleasure, but the sperm does not contain sperm. The function of the testes to produce sperm is unaffected and still has the ability to normally absorb sperm. Therefore, male ligation is not harmful to health and there is no need to worry too much.

The disadvantage of male ligation

4, does not affect the birth again. Most men do not want to have children when they are doing ligation. However, there are unpredictable circumstances. Because of remarriage, loss of a child and many other reasons, about 10% of men who have been ligated have chosen vasectomy, with a success rate of 80-90%.

3. Does not affect sexual life. Many men worry about sexual life after they are ligated. In fact, there was no change in the amount of semen, but there was no sperm in the semen that was shot. Ligation is just to tie the vas deferens and prevent sperm from entering the vagina, so it will not affect sexual life.

2, the effect is good. Investigations have found that almost all male ligatures are successful, but contraception is still needed within three months of the surgery. Because you have to ejaculate at least 20 times, you can ensure that there is no sperm residue in the vas deferens.

1, simple and convenient. Male ligation surgery is very popular, mostly without hospitalization, you can go home after you finish. The vas deferens sterilization is an internationally recognized method of simple operation, small damage, short operation time, few complications, and easy popularization. A typical vasectomy usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes, and local anesthesia can be done. During the operation, the doctor will cut a small wound or puncture under the scrotum skin, and the two ends will be fixed with a line.

The benefits of male ligation

Female ligation has heard more, and male ligation is still relatively rare. Many couples choose to do ligation in order to be afraid of accidents. Ligation can effectively prevent pregnancy. So, for men, what effect does male ligation have on the body?