For men, it is very embarrassing to not be erect, and

For men, it is very embarrassing to not be erect, and they will have no face. Therefore, many times they are embarrassed to take treatment measures. In fact, don’t care too much about men’s erections. It is very important to take timely treatment measures!

Side effects include: pain at the injection site (about 30%), abnormal erection, and may cause spongy fibrosis after long-term use. Abnormal erection is the most serious complication. Therefore, the therapy must be used under the guidance of an experienced physician who is banned from sickle cell anemia and other patients who are prone to penile erections and should be treated urgently in the event of an abnormal erection. The advantages of this therapy are: exact, safe and effective. Disadvantages include: invasive treatment and higher costs.

Vasoactive drugs, directly relax the penile corpus cavernosum and make the penis erect. Commonly used drugs are prostaglandin E1 (Caverject, Kai Shi, etc.), papaverine and phentolamine, etc. Recently, prostaglandin E1 is used, which can be single. It can also be administered in combination with other drugs, and it is safe and reliable for most patients, but the interruption rate is high.

One or more first-line therapy failures, poor efficacy, and side effects can also be used as a second-line treatment for penile cavernosal drug therapy. The main methods include: intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs to induce erection to complete sexual life. In the past, it was widely used, but the curative effect was different, the side effects were large, the cost was high, and the treatment interruption rate was high.

4, penile cavernous drug injection therapy

The vacuum negative compression narrow ring device is suitable for patients who do not want to take medication and contraindications. In use, the hollow cylinder is placed on the root of the penis to inhale the blood into the corpus cavernosum by negative pressure, and then the rubber stalk is used to block the venous return at the root of the penis to maintain the penile erection. Side effects include penile pain, numbness, bruising and difficulty in ejaculation. Advantages: non-invasive, economical, and can be used repeatedly. Disadvantages: It is more troublesome to use.

3, vacuum negative pressure erection device and narrowing ring method

At present, the domestically marketed topical drug is called Bifar, which contains a prostaglandin E1 1mg plus a special transdermal agent. The drug is transferred into the penis sponge through the urinary tract and is increased by increasing the cAMP concentration of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle. Induced penile erection. Clinical studies have shown that 10 to 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, the urethra is instilled into a dose of 0.3-1. 0 mg, and the clinical effective rate is about 70%. Side effects include penile pain, urinary tract burning, etc., without systemic side effects.

2, topical drug law

Peripheral modulators: improve local/systemic environment and enhance erections, such as sildenafil and mesothing.

Central regulator: improve the internal nervous system environment, improve erection, Meishuyu and phentolamine.

Peripheral inducer: mainly acts on peripheral induced erection, such as yohimbine, phentolamine and the like.

Central inducer: mainly acts on the central nervous system to induce erection, such as apomorphine, testosterone preparation.

Oral drugs can be divided into: according to the mechanism of action:

The advantages of oral medications are: non-invasive, easy to use, effective and easily accepted by most patients, and are currently the first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, certain specific contraindications should be noted, such as the use of sildenafil contraindications with nitrates.

1, oral drug law

How to treat men without erection?

7. Dependence on aphrodisiac: Blind eating of aphrodisiac can only solve the problem of erection for a short time, and long-term use will cause dependence, so that it can not naturally erect.

6. Long-term snoring: Men who snoring often suffer from sleep stagnation syndrome, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the blood, which in turn affects sexual function.

5. Unhealthy diet: Healthy eating habits keep blood vessels healthy and promote the formation of nitrogen oxides, which can dilate the blood vessels of the penis.

4. Eat too salty: eating too salty will not only bring cardiovascular disease, but also cause erectile dysfunction.

3. Oral diseases: Studies have shown that oral diseases such as periodontitis can also affect erections.

2. There are too many pornographic content: Some studies have shown that watching too many porn films can change the brain mechanism and even become addictive.

1. Excessive stress: A US survey found that anxiety and depression are the main psychological factors that cause erectile dysfunction. If you work in a long-term high-pressure environment, you will increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

What is the reason for men not to erect?

It is very embarrassing for a man to be erect in sex. This is a nightmare for men. It also affects the sexual harmony between husband and wife. What is the reason for men not getting erect? Men can not be treated with erection. ?