Men do not wear underwear or have a lot of harm, the first is un

Men do not wear underwear or have a lot of harm, the first is unsanitary, the second is to affect our testicles, may cause varicose veins, therefore, it is recommended that men still wear underwear, but also pay attention to hygiene, change underwear, Keep your private parts clean and hygienic!

It is recommended to develop the habit of wearing underwear, so as to prevent bacterial infections, underwear should be changed frequently, etc., in order to better protect our reproductive health, away from the harm of various male reproductive diseases.

If you don’t wear underwear, the testicles are always hanging, and it is prone to venous varicose veins, so the underwear is still to be worn. It is more suitable for this triangle, because the triangle underwear is more close to the body, but the triangle is not easy to dissipate heat, and the flat angle is Better, it is good for heat dissipation.

What harm does a man have without wearing underwear?

Men should have at least 10 underpants, one for each day, 7 days a week, two for weekend nights, and one for emergency backup. Men who are more active, those who often need to work outdoors, and those who sweat more often need to prepare more spare underwear. Dirty underwear will carry a small amount of dregs and cause disease. The underpants should be cleaned immediately after each pass, even if they only wear one night.

Also, don’t wear only pants without wearing underwear. Although the person wearing this dress feels that the lower body is very loose, especially in the hot summer, many men wear only a loose beach pants, but it not only makes the possibility of light removal greatly, but also makes the vulnerable part more vulnerable. The friction of the cloth.

Choose the underwear that suits you. The underpants are neither too tight (testicles are squeezed, high temperatures can affect fertility), nor can they be too loose (not enough support). Boxer briefs are suitable for a variety of occasions, it can give enough support for men’s private parts, but when you sleep at night, you need to put on loose four-corner underwear to make it breathable. You can also choose four-corner tights, which provide the best support for men’s privacy and are suitable for a variety of physical exercises.

Can men not wear underwear?

Many men in life love to wear underwear. For men, underwear is a big bond, so many times you can wear it without wearing it, then men don’t wear underwear. Is there any harm to men not wearing underwear? Men who wear underwear must look at it!