Staying up late to the body is a multi-faceted injury

Staying up late to the body is a multi-faceted injury, usually go to bed as early as possible to sleep early, for the overtime people, there is no way, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the body, timely add water after staying up late, eat more food that helps the day and night !

8, disease: living habits lead to the body’s biological clock disorder, so that the secretion of melatonin that inhibits the proliferation of prostate cancer cells, the men often stay up late, easy to induce prostate disease, such as prostatitis, prostate cancer. In addition, after staying up late, the stomach disease will be aggravated, stomach pain, stomach acid, and even stomach ulcers. The stomach is an organ that is sensitive to the timetable in the body. It is easy to cause excessive gastric acid secretion and induce gastric ulcer.

7, visual decline: If you stay up late, tired, may appear after a certain sputum, blurred vision, visual field shadow or visual color change.

6, infertility: long-term staying up late to work overtime is one of the reasons for the serious damage to male fertility. Men often stay up all night with poor sperm quality, and men stay up late for a long time, causing disordered hormone levels and endocrine disorders. Androgen is low, estrogen is elevated, it will cause infertility.

5, kidney yang deficiency: day and night caused by poor blood circulation around the eyes, causing dark circles, bags under the eyes or white eyeballs covered with bloodshot, staying up late will also make men’s hormone levels imbalance, induce acne and acne and other conditions.

4, poor temper: long-term staying up late will slowly appear irritability, anxiety and other neurological and psychiatric symptoms.

3, fatigue: After staying up late, the body is prone to fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, poor color and other symptoms, mental state is very poor, will also affect the normal work and life of the next day.

2, forgetfulness: the sympathetic nerves of the night and night stays excited at night, during the day there will be no spirit, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, slow response.

1. Low immunity: Severe sleep is insufficient, which will reduce the resistance and increase the incidence of morbidity.

How big is the man’s day and night hazard?

The most abundant of the linoleic acid in the walnut is very good for the brain, it can have anti-fatigue effect, as well as the effect of whitening the skin, and the effect of diminishing the pigmentation, so eating walnut every day can improve the memory of the day and night. The problem of falling.


Ginseng tea is the most qi, and the gas in the body of the night-night is dysfunctional. Therefore, it often appears to be incapable during the day. It is often troublesome and often dozes, so this group of people drink more. Some American ginseng tea can quickly replenish the body’s essence.


Efficacy: Go to the fire and nourish the skin.

(This process pays attention to the silver ear fire, the red jujube soup will not be too yellow after the soup, the sugar candy should be more sweet to put it); after the cool to put in the refrigerator, summer, add hawthorn, raisins, watermelon and other favorite foods to make dessert is also good .

Practice: use the yellowish large white fungus, soak in warm water for more than one hour; 枸杞子, red dates also soak together (this two are soaked with the white fungus, I heard that you can only use more than 10 minutes); After washing, wash it two or three times with water, remove the yellow root of the white fungus, tear the white fungus into small pieces by hand, and use it; use the right amount of water in the rice cooker (more than you expected, because it will consume some, but not more water) Ha) Put the white fungus into the open; after the sputum is opened for 1-2 hours until the soup is thick, put in the glutinous rice, red dates, rock sugar and then simmer for a while.

Ingredients: 2-3 white fungus, medlar, red dates, rock sugar, water amount.

Red jujube and white fungus soup

Yogurt is supplemented with nutrients and protein. After staying up late, people’s mood is easy to be unstable. Calcium in yogurt is a good agent for stabilizing emotions, which makes the bad mood after day and night eased, and the physical strength of loss is improved. And Xiaobian’s yogurt is a yogurt made by one’s own home. It is safer and healthier than other yogurts bought outside. It is very helpful for people who stay up late.


Pig skin jelly is to prevent wrinkles on the skin of the face after staying up late, and there is a little-known effect of pig skin jelly, which is also blood supplement, which few people know. According to the author’s experience, the effect of pig skin frozen without blood is not worse than those expensive luxury supplements.

Pig skin jelly

These tend to increase the harm caused by water shortage, so whether you are in a party or working hard, you must ensure that you drink enough boiled water to replenish the invisible water in your body.

People staying up late often don’t care about drinking water, but instead use drinks, beer, coffee or tea.

First, we should replenish moisture in time.

What does a man eat up late at night?

We all know that staying up late for a long time is not good for the body, but many times we have to work hard at work and life, and we have to work hard all night. Men, as the pillars of the family, must protect their bodies. What do men have to do to stay up all night? How big is the hazard?