Through the above, we can see that male foreskin is too harmf

Through the above, we can see that male foreskin is too harmful to male fertility and health. Therefore, if you find that the foreskin is too long, you must go to surgery in time. The later you drag, the greater the harm to health!

There is a risk of carcinogenesis: penile cancer is mainly caused by smegma stimulating the glans. According to laboratory analysis, smegma contains a large number of carcinogenic factors. According to research, more than 80% of penile cancer patients are caused by smegma infection caused by excessive prepuce. Many men think that going to the hospital to see a doctor is not good for face, which leads to illness and treatment in the hospital, making the disease more and more serious. It is recommended that everyone should not give up treatment because of the face, and actively communicate with the doctor. Treatment is the first choice. It is terrible that the foreskin is too long, but the most horrible patients still suffer from ill health, which not only delays the good opportunity to treat the disease, but also affects the good life of the family.

Causes no ejaculation: Since the glans is overprotected by the skin, the glans’ rich nerve conduction stimuli and stimulating excitatory functions disappear, and the stimulating intensity required for stimulating the ejaculation is not reached in sexual life, and it is prone to not ejaculation. I also don’t feel the thrill.

Leading to male infertility: The most serious hazard of foreskin is to cause male infertility, so men should pay attention to the treatment of prepuce. Prostatitis caused by smegma infection can affect the sperm motility and semen viscosity in semen, which can cause infertility.

Damage to the kidney function: too long foreskin will block the urethra, hinder men’s urination, it is easy for men to suffer from urinary pain, urinary incontinence and other urinary diseases. Because the urine can not be discharged in time, the old urine accumulates in the bladder or urethra, which will stimulate cystitis and urethritis. If it continues for a long time, the urine will slowly flow into the renal pelvis, causing hydronephrosis and the kidneys will be damaged. .

Influential function: The foreskin inflammation caused by the foreskin problem is repeated, which easily leads to the adhesion of the glans to the foreskin, which limits the penile erection and causes pain in sexual intercourse. This will not only cause disharmony between the husband and wife, but also cause sexual dysfunction.

Causes phimosis incarceration: “Incarceration” causes glans and distal foreskin blood circulation and lymphatic reflux disorder, leading to local swelling and pain; local edema further aggravates incarceration, and long time can cause serious consequences such as tissue ulceration and necrosis.

Inflammation of the penis: Inside the foreskin, it is rich in sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands are like a huge garbage factory, and many lipids are exuded every day. If the foreskin is too long, it will hinder the excretion of these lipids, causing a large accumulation between the glans and the foreskin, and mixing with the urine remaining in the foreskin cavity to form a pale yellow and odorous “skin scale”. The smegma is just a good place for the bacteria to multiply, resulting in a large number of bacteria, causing balanitis to cause balanitis. The bacteria then pass through the urethra, infecting the urinary system, causing various types of inflammation in the urinary system.

Affect the development of the penis: the development of the penis requires not only the supply of nutrients, but also the development of a suitable penis. If the male is too long in the adolescence, so that the glans are covered by the foreskin, and the contact with the outside world is not used for a long time, the nerves of the penis head become too sensitive, and the penis head is tightly wrapped, and the development will be restrained, so that after development, The penis and glans are significantly smaller than normal males, affecting the experience of pleasure in sexual life. If the foreskin is actually too long or even produces phimosis, it will lead to the inability to complete sex life. Especially for men with abnormally small foreskin mouth, if the foreskin is turned upside down, it will be difficult to restore the original appearance. The foreskin is embedded in the coronary sulcus to form an incarcerated phimosis, which causes severe pain. In severe cases, the glans will edema due to poor blood flow, and even glans necrosis may occur.

What are the hazards of male foreskin?

The foreskin is too long. Everyone should have heard that with the improvement of people’s health awareness, many people have noticed this problem when they were young. Therefore, many boys take circumcision when they are young, but some people think that the foreskin is too long and has no effect. Did not pay attention to it, in fact, the foreskin is too long will endanger the health of men, then what are the hazards of men’s foreskin too long? What effect does the foreskin have on men?