contamination, frequently look oily face, and wash

Working life stress, coupled with the intense environmental contamination, frequently look oily face, and wash with salt is an excellent means to better the face acne and oil.

Oil controller

Many girls are blended skin, t region of the skin consistently look fat secretion overly comfortable situation, if daily in the surface of the opportunity to bring some salt, lightly massage a couple of minutes, this type of squeeze massage for petroleum management is extremely powerful.

Remove double chin

Many women want to take care of double jaw difficulty, then this sort of salt lean face procedure is quite convenient, just have to place a great deal of salt right on the double chin, then massage together, you may use the plastic wrap to wrap, wait till 10 minutes to wash straight using warm water, stick to take action every other day.

Removal of dead epidermis Lots of women find the face isn’t hard to lengthy acne, which is brought on by a big region of the surface of the dead skin a great deal, to work out this issue, then attempt to clean your face using salt, also for the granular salt for the elimination of dead skin is extremely effective, so skin slimmer.