is a sort of hematopoietic stem cell membranes of

Leukemia, also known as blood cancer, is a sort of hematopoietic stem cell membranes of the cloning of cancerous diseases.

The leukemia cells within their clones lose their capacity to further differentiate and older and stagnate at several stages of cell growth.

Signs and symptoms

The indications of leukemia, chiefly linked to the destruction of hematopoietic role from the bone marrow, since white blood cell infiltration to the use of this Organization, a few of the signs are associated with the particular characteristic. Symptoms Brought on by bone marrow hematopoietic function imbalance

(1) Prone to bruising, point-like Illness: Because of the Creation of platelet-producing giant nucleus cells, resulting in a lack of platelets;

(two ) Anemia: the creation of red blood cells from the mother cell decrease, Resulting in the shortage of red blood cells, simple to maneuver, or workout, nausea and asthma;

(3) Persistent Illness, disease lasting: all those white blood cells have been cancer, no ordinary function, leading to a decrease in resistance, vulnerable to disease. Symptoms Brought on by penetrating tissue of cells

(2) Bone pain or joint pain: blood cancer cells from the bone marrow at a Great Number of hyperplasia, mild knock patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia sternum, frequently cause acute pain;

(3) swelling of the teeth;

(5) Headache and nausea: infiltration of blood cancer cells to the central nervous system functionality;

(6) Your epidermis looks hard block: Since it seems marginally green, also Called green tumor; Particular manifestations of various Kinds of leukemia

(1) Intense rectal myeloid leukemia: diffuse hemorrhage;

(2) Chronic myeloid leukemia: How many platelets in many patients raises along with the spleen is enlarged;

(3) Chronic lymphatic leukemia: Rarely happens in Chinese, the era of Excellent hair is mainly in middle age, particularly the older;

(4) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: When it Contributes to augmentation of the diaphragm at the torso, it often compresses the trachea, causing shortness of breath and coughing;

Preventive maintenance

1, to prevent exposure to excess X-ray along with other damaging radiation, such as the employees engaged in radiation work to do a fantastic job of private security, pregnant women and babies should be particularly attentive to the need to prevent exposure to radiation.

Two, avoidance and treatment of various ailments, especially viral diseases, for example C-type RNA virus.

3, cautious use of particular medications, such as chloramphenicol, phenylbutazone, some antifungal medications, some anti-tumor medications and immunosuppressants, etc., should prevent long-term abuse or use.

4, to prevent exposure to certain chemical substances, do a fantastic job security and tracking function, like in the creation of Phenol, chlorobenzene, nitrobenzene, spices, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, artificial fibers, synthetic rubber, dyes, plastics and other procedures, attention to steer clear of hazardous, hazardous substances. 5, the high risk groups of leukemia must perform a normal census job, pay particular attention to hay warning signs and early signs.