between the United States and Canada, pioneered

Thanksgiving Day is a common holiday between the United States and Canada, pioneered by the United States, originally intended to thank the Indians, and later on this day people often thank others. Since 1941, Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday of every year in November and will leave on this day for two days to reunite with their families, no matter how busy it is.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or celebrating other holidays, here are some tips for healthier eating.

Eat more foods with high cellulose content White-collar workers are mostly in a mental overload, physical labor is seriously inadequate state, so often have constipation, obesity and other distress. And cellulose can solve these nanyanzhiyin.

Our ideal daily intake is between 18 and 35 grams, and you can enjoy everything from wholemeal bread, oatmeal, black rice, strawberries, pears and cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, celery and carrots to the delicious and not fattening foods.

In addition, Chrysanthemum and medlar, cassia seed and other herbal medicines have the effect of eyesight, instead of tea, coffee and other beverages, both thirst-quenching and eye-pleasing, can be described as double benefit.

Second, eat more protein-high food

Protein is the “soul” of human cells, the repair and renewal of the body tissue need to constantly supplement the protein, protein is not adequate for a long time to supply, but also lead to memory loss, mental retardation, slow reaction.

Long-term engaged in the tense mental work of white-collar people should be more milk, eggs, soy products and other protein-rich food, computer operators especially to eat more beans food.
Eat more foods with high vitamin content

Vitamin A Foods that contain vitamin A are good for the eyes, and vitamin A can also prevent and treat dry eye.

The normal intake of vitamin A in an adult is 1000 mg per day, while the vitamin A content of half a bowl of steamed carrot is four times times that of it.

Other foods rich in vitamin A are milk and eggs, as well as amaranth, spinach, leeks, green peppers, sweet potatoes, and fruit oranges, apricots, persimmons and melons.

Vitamin C

Foods containing vitamin C not only benefit the eyes, but also enhance immunity, reduce heart disease and stroke, accelerate wound healing, relieve asthma, prevent colds, and delay aging.

Therefore, should be in the daily diet, should pay attention to the intake of vitamin C rich food, such as a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially in the green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, fresh jujube, pear, orange, grapefruit, strawberry and other content the highest.

Vitamin E Foods that contain vitamin E can lower cholesterol, prevent platelet buildup in the arteries, improve immunity, remove impurities in the body, prevent cataracts, and eat with foods rich in vitamin C with beauty and anti-aging effects.

Therefore, the white-collar family can eat more almonds, peanuts and pecan.

Four, eat more food containing high phospholipids Phosphorus is one of the “energy” of the brain.

Egg yolk, walnuts, peanuts, both contain high phospholipids, in the daily diet may be more than eat some.

Five, eat more calcium-containing foods Rich calcium powder is also good for the eyes, calcium has the effect of eliminating eye tension. A variety of dairy products, broccoli, soy, pure fruit juice, as well as dark green vegetables calcium content are more abundant.