the small series Please guess a riddle, the answe

Before entering the subject, the small series Please guess a riddle, the answer is with today to say the topic is related: Seven or eight brothers, sitting around a cylinder.

Everyone broke up and the clothes were torn apart. Have you guessed it right?


The answer is garlic. Speaking of this thing, although after eating the mouth taste is a heavy point, but in fact with the appropriate food collocation, taste is good.

But if you think it can only be used to tune a taste, it is too much to underestimate it.

such as garlic seasoning, as long as you use the good, can become the therapeutic side of the cure!
Seasoning Four gentlemen: prevention and health care of everything


Can mention aroma, to smell, modern medicine and nutrition confirmed and found that the onion contains protein, fat, sugar, vitamins A, B, C and calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients.


It has inhibitory effect on dysentery bacilli, staphylococcus and skin fungus, which can enhance human immunity and prevent the epidemic of respiratory tract and intestinal infectious diseases.


The active ingredient extracted from The onion also has the function of diastolic blood vessels, which helps prevent hypertension.

Prevent high blood lipids

Light blue can effectively decompose protein, in the cooking of food containing protein and fat, plus onions can reduce cholesterol in the blood vessel wall deposition, prevention and treatment of high blood lipids.

Magical 1. Do some cold large dishes, you can put more onions to cook, can play a role in alleviating the spleen and stomach.

such as water bamboo, white radish, mung bean sprouts, snails, mussels, crabs and so on.

2. Onions can also be anti-allergic, many people eat shellfish will produce allergic cough, abdominal pain and other disease, cooking should be more green onions, to avoid allergic reactions.


、 It has many functions, such as clearing stomach, promoting intestinal peristalsis, lowering cholesterol, treating nausea and vomiting, resisting viral cold, diluting blood and relieving rheumatism.

Ginger has some effect on joint pain, swelling, inflammation and toothache.


When you do fish more ginger, help digestion, and fish cold, but also can be removed from the fishy smell, eating shellfish and other cold seafood without ginger, most people know.


、 Garlic, known for its superior sterilization ability.

This is because it contains a unique substance called allicin, when it enters the blood, it will be converted to allicin, and this allicin even if diluted, can still kill E. coli, dysentery bacilli, Staphylococcus and other germs in an instant.


Smelly meat such as a turtle, put some garlic, cooked chicken, duck, goose, more garlic, so that meat more fragrant and better to eat, and not because of indigestion and diarrhea, but also to reduce cholesterol, promote the effect of nutrient absorption.


、 Pepper flavor, sexual heat, have aromatic stomach, wenzhong dispelling, dehumidification analgesic, insecticidal detoxification, anti-itching effect.

In traditional Chinese medicine can treat vomiting, cold dampness bi, tooth pain and other symptoms. Pepper can promote saliva secretion, increase appetite. It can also dilate blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

If you eat pepper water, but also to expel parasites.

Magical Cattle, sheep, meat and other mutton heavy meat, do not forget to put pepper when cooking. Like white water boiled beef and mutton, pepper is must put, can mention fresh, to mutton.

Burn meat more than pepper, roast beef, mutton, dog meat should be put more.
Kitchen Four treasures: Autumn and winter cold therapeutic side Autumn and winter change fast, people are prone to colds, stomach discomfort.

These seasoning ingredients can be used for a great use:

Onion can pass Yang, divergence, go to redlight;

Ginger can warm stomach, except fishy;

Garlic has the role of disinfection and sterilization;

Pepper can wenzhong gas, these four things are warm seasoning.

Cold winter, whether it is cold antifreeze, or dissolve the body cold, onion ginger and garlic pepper have a very good role.

The following small series to recommend to you a few therapeutic side:

Ginger tea with brown sugar

“Raw” brown sugar 20 grams, 4 slices of ginger, light blue 3, the right amount of water. “System” in the casserole add ginger, light blue and water, boiling boil.

Then add brown sugar and boil again. “Features” Soup sweet and spicy palatability, hot drink, can go cold, stop vomiting.

Ginger has the function of sweating detoxification, temperature stop vomit, with brown sugar, light blue in combination, dispel the role of wind is particularly good.
Garlic Salt Tea

“Raw material” to take tea 10 grams, garlic mud 6 grams, salt 3 grams.

“Make the method” will be three taste mash mix evenly, put in the wok with a slow fire 5-7 minutes, and then with 200 grams of boiling water brewing, stamped, to drink after temperature, dregs again blunt 1 times, can be treated in winter and winter gastrointestinal illness.

“Characteristics” garlic can be flavored, disinfection, sterilization role.

Green onion radish Juice

“Raw material” light blue, radish 30 grams each.

“System” chopped, squeezed juice and then add a small amount of ginger juice and honey, mix well and then rushed into the boiling water when drink, three times a day, even take two days, can increase appetite.

“Features” onion like onions, containing allyl sulfide, will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and help to enhance appetite.
Fried soybean with pepper

“Raw materials” soybean 30 capsules, 60 pepper.

“Making” water-frying suit.

“Features” This side can treat the stomach ache caused by eating cold food in winter.
Who can’t eat these four treasures?

It is important to note that although onion and ginger garlic pepper is very suitable for winter health, but for some diseases, such as eye disease, viral hepatitis, acute gastritis, gastric ulcer, non-infectious diarrhea and other patients are not suitable for eating garlic. In addition, because onion ginger and garlic pepper are spicy excitant food, suffering from the mouth, throat, lung inflammation or tumors, gastrointestinal diseases (acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, etc.) are not suitable for consumption.