eating fine, constipation more and more people

Sitting more moving less, eating fine, constipation more and more people, many people suffer from it. So, a variety of remedies for constipation began to spread: abdominal massage, constipation toilet exercise, early a glass of water …

Do these methods really work?

1. Clockwise Abdominal massage

Double palms overlap in the right lower abdomen, massage 30~50 repeatedly in a clockwise direction, adhere to do once a day, 30 days after the normal defecation.

Constipation is only effective if the condition is not pathological

If it is organic constipation, such as intestinal obstruction, tumors, intestinal inflammation caused by, then how to massage will not help defecation, but also may aggravate the condition. If it is due to spicy diet, sedentary and other causes of functional constipation, mild symptoms, massage abdomen is effective.

Constipation symptom is heavier, simple massage does not alleviate. Note: The abdominal massage stresses strength and the breath cooperate with each other. When massaging to the left lower abdomen, should strengthen the pressure of the finger, so as not to feel the pain as the degree; exhale when pressing, inhale when relaxing.

Each massage takes about 10 minutes and requires long-term adherence.
2, constipation toilet exercise Defecation, sit on the toilet, back straight, the upper body to the left and right twist 10, with a twist to stimulate the large intestine, resulting in meaning. Meanwhile, gently bulge the abdomen and inhale, then spit out the gas in the body.

If you rub your hands up and down the waist, it will help stimulate intestinal peristalsis, but also from the position of the stomach (left upper abdomen) to push pressure below the abdomen, can promote the stomach to expedite emptying.

You insist on

First of all to distinguish oneself for which kind of constipation, only non-organic constipation, can try, and need long-term, regular.
3. All kinds of dietary therapy side

For example, prune juice, konjac + honey, vinegar, leek juice, fat sea, white water boiled corn, raw licorice, dandelion, winter rang, honey cane juice, grapefruit, grapefruit, yogurt and so on.

Fruit and vegetables can effectively relieve constipation Diet materials are more vegetables and fruits, appropriate to eat more can really improve constipation.

Banana, sweet potato, papaya, dragon fruit, corn, celery, radish, honey, sesame oil, etc., the role of no outside of the bowel, increase cellulose, qi and constipation.
4. Get up early with a glass of water When you get up in the morning, drink a cup of water, that is, to eliminate constipation.

Because the water enters the stomach, it causes the stomach-colon reflex and begins the peristalsis of the large intestine.

Drink water to prevent constipation most effective To solve the constipation caused by dryness, the most convenient is to actively replenish the water.

Drinking water can increase digestive fluid in the body and enhance digestive function of gastrointestinal tract.

Wake up in the morning is the best time to replenish water, because sleep one night, lost part of the water, at this time to drink water, can reduce the viscosity of blood, but also to lubricate the intestinal tract, conducive to defecation.
5. Eat fruit after dinner

Some people say, after eating fruit can promote digestion, prevent constipation!

It’s easy to cause constipation. Fruit should be eaten 1-2 hours after the meal. Eating fruit immediately after meals can affect digestive function, especially in the elderly, long-term so easy to cause constipation.