by genetic genes, but also by diet, sleep

The strength of human immunity is mostly determined by genetic genes, but also by diet, sleep, exercise, mood and other factors, including diet is a relatively decisive influence. Good immunity allows us to have a healthier body, so we can devote ourselves to work and life.

So, what foods can help us improve our immune system and stay away from disease?
Red Fruits and Vegetables

As the saying goes, “eat three dates a day, life does not show the old”, “body cold to eat only pepper, cold natural elimination”, which are people on the Red Food health function of the image summary, red fruits and vegetables is our good choice to enhance immunity.

Tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, red dates, red apples, and so on, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Scientific research has confirmed that most red vegetables contain beta-carotene, beta-carotene, and other red pigment in red foods to enhance cell activity in human tissues.

Therefore, eating more red food can improve the body’s ability to prevent and resist disease.
Mushroom type

Mushroom food contains polysaccharides, can enhance the body immunity, promote the formation of antibodies, is considered to be the world’s best natural immune promoter.

Mushroom Family lineup is also very strong, mushroom fungus, mushroom fungus, mushroom fungus, mushrooms, etc., generally contain a variety of vitamins, eat more mushroom-like food to enhance immunity is very helpful.

Soy contains a protein as high as 35%, even far higher than pigs, chickens, fish, eggs and other protein content, but also rich in vitamins, amino acids, fats and iron, phosphorus, calcium and other human needs of nutrients.

In addition, regardless of mung beans, red bean, or adzuki bean, broad bean, there are spleen-invigorating, nourishing yin and water, in traditional Chinese medicine, many of the spleen-invigorating formula is involved in legumes.

Chinese Medicine believes that: the spleen and stomach for the acquired, especially the elderly, the kidney has been down, the vitality of the day after the migration of the spleen-to-stomach, so eat more beans, tonic after the day after, so that blood biochemical active, gas congestion, physical and mental health, immune function, the disease can not be born.

Because the raw beans contain anti-trypsin, can hinder the digestion of food protein in the small intestine, so beans should not be raw food, recommended to eat more soy products.
Yogurt Sour milk on the market has live milk and high-temperature sterilized sour milk.

Live bacteria sour milk needs to be frozen, is one of the internationally recognized natural health food, the more important value is that it contains beneficial bacteria-active lactic acid bacteria.

Active lactic acid bacteria can convert milk lactose into lactic acid, make calcium more easily absorbed, but also can effectively inhibit the production of harmful bacteria in the gut, prevent intestinal flora imbalance, help improve gastrointestinal function, prevent constipation and reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal and colon cancer.

Lactic acid bacteria in the gut can also produce anti-cancer effects of butyric acid and other low-molecular substances, stimulate and improve immunity. The sour milk comes from the milk, contains the whole milk nutrition, but also has more health function than the milk, should an old saying: “Pupil surpasses.” “Therefore, yogurt is also a good choice to enhance your body’s immunity.