ot and dry, people will feel upset, loss of appetite

What do you do with your mouth lit? Now in the summer, hot and dry, people will feel upset, loss of appetite, poor quality of sleep, make firelight rise, easy to feel tongue dry, serious mouth will also bubble.

What should we do in response to these symptoms? Come and see how the mouth is bubbling.

The cause of the blistering of the mouth lit:

1, eating too fine Urban people eat too fine, originally also with mouth ulcer occurrence not unrelated. Take the rice, the epidermis contains vitamin B2, trace element zinc, but rice processor in order to let the rice look white, taste good, the rice surface removed, resulting in the loss of these nutrients, eat more of this rice lacks these nutrients, easy mouth ulcers.

So doctors remind people to eat more vegetables and fruits, vitamin B2 and zinc gluconate.

2. Immunization-related

For the common recurrent oral ulcer, the attack generally more use topical drugs to fix, because there is no cause, even if temporarily effective, will be repeated seizures. Recurrent oral ulcer is closely related to immunity. Some patients manifested as immune deficiency, while others manifested themselves as immune disorders. In addition, anemia, partial eclipse, indigestion, diarrhea, fever, excessive fatigue, great work pressure, menstrual cycle changes are also predisposing factors.

With one or more factors active, alternating, overlapping, the body immunity decreased, immune dysfunction, also caused the frequent onset of oral ulcers.

3. Emotional irritability Oral ulcers occur all year round, but in the summer the patients are particularly much more likely to see them. From the point of view of TCM, emotion, sleep and poor diet are all good factors of oral ulcer. Hot weather in summer, people are prone to irritability, and then bad appetite, sleep is easy to be disturbed, not sleep is easy to wake up. These disorders of the body easily trigger mouth ulcers, so that every summer oral ulcers are concentrated.