people’s physical quality is getting worse

Small ears and withered Now, people’s physical quality is getting worse. Now the human ear is small, looks more and more stiff, and the shape seems to have some deformation. Is that children and young people seldom see the round, plump, full of big ears.

And these big ears in the old man there is a lot of see, this shows that the physical fitness of the former is obviously stronger than modern people. Young people in addition to look at the shape of the ear to see the day after tomorrow

, the main color, there is no spots, there is no pain. If a faint pink, shiny, no spots, no wrinkles, full is sufficient to represent the blood. A dull, matte representation of blood has declined.

If the ear atrophy, dull, there are spots, wrinkles, it represents the human kidney function begins to fail, it is necessary to attract attention.

Deficiency of qi and blood for therapeutic side

Black glutinous rice with nourishing porridge Black glutinous rice is known as the “Black Pearl”, containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients.

Black glutinous rice has blood nourish effect, long eat can fitness, also can brew wine.

Materials: Red dates, black glutinous rice, brown sugar

Practice: Black glutinous rice Wash, add red dates, Longan, a moderate amount of water boiled into porridge-like, according to taste to add the right amount of brown sugar.

Angelica and Red jujube ribs

JuJube itself has the function of blood, but only to eat jujube effect is quite weak, suggest jujube with raisins, longan and so on food together to eat.

Materials: Ribs, wolfberry, red dates

Practice: Angelica 4 slices of water, wash blood into the casserole, add wolfberry, Red jujube, angelica, onion, ginger, fire boil, and then simmer stew to ribs gradually rotten, add salt, chicken essence seasoning can.

Chinese Yam and Longan porridge

Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose and protein, iron content is also high, can improve heat, supplement nutrition, and promote the regeneration of hemoglobin to enrich blood.

Materials: Yam, Longan meat, glutinous rice, brown sugar

Practice: Yam diced, and glutinous rice porridge, porridge into the longan meat, brown sugar, and then cook a moment. The above for you to introduce the symptoms of QI deficiency and qi deficiency of the diet, found that their lack of qi and blood should pay attention to fill the blood, so as to make themselves more healthy.