Moisture, raw muscle, convergence sores, hemostasis.

Sexual taste

Gan, Xin, astringent, cold.
Effect Moisture, raw muscle, convergence sores, hemostasis.

External treatment ulcer is not convergence, eczema itching, fire and fire, traumatic bleeding.

Gypsum calcined after the end of external use, treatment of the above surgical diseases, there is heat, convergence, the role of the muscle, Chang dan, Cork, indigo equivalent.

5, the white eye cloudy, pouch big Look at the eyes are actually looking at the color of the whites, as the saying goes, “autumnal matron”, in fact, refers to the whites of the white color becomes cloudy, yellow, bloodshot, which indicates that the lack of blood.

Eyes can be wide open at any time, indicating that the blood is adequate; on the contrary, the pouch is very large, dry eyes, heavy eyelids, are representative of the lack of qi and blood.

6, the nail is now longitudinal lines Only in the hands of adults, children will not have.

As a manual nails appear on the longitudinal lines, must be vigilant, which indicates that the body qi and blood two losses, there is an overdraft, is the symbol of aging.

7. Finger-pointing abdomen flat

Whether the child or adult, if the finger is flat, weak or fingertip thin, all represent the insufficiency of qi and blood, and the finger belly full, more flexible meat, it is sufficient.

8, Finger now veins If you see veins in an adult’s index finger, the digestive function is not good in childhood, and this state has been extended to adulthood. This kind of person is weak, qi and blood two loss. If you see veins on the little finger, the kidney gas is insufficient. If the palm is close to the wrist transverse lines of the area of many, deep, on behalf of childhood nutrition, weak physique, lack of qi and blood.

After adulthood, such women are prone to gynecological diseases, men are prone to prostate hypertrophy, gout and other disorders.

9. Gum Atrophy Children are not obvious, mainly adults.

Gum atrophy represents the lack of qi and blood, as long as the gap has become larger, food more and more easily stuffed in the teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to, the body has been declining, aging is accelerating.

10. Poor sleep quality Adults, like children sleep fast, sleep sank, breathing evenly, a sleep to natural awakening, said that the blood is very sufficient, and sleep difficulties, easy to wake up, night urine more, breathing deep or snoring people are adeekul.