reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis, n

To reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis, not only should pay attention to correcting bad work and life habits, but also in the tense work often do self-health massage, can alleviate neck fatigue, prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis …

Massage Hundred: Use the middle finger or forefinger according to the top of the head in the middle of the center of the point, the force from light to heavy press knead 20~30 times.

Efficacy: Jian Nao ning God, Qi Qi solid off.

To press the head: The hands of the thumb placed on both sides of the forehead, the rest of the four fingers separated, placed on both sides of the head, both hands at the same time to press rubbing 20~30 times.

Efficacy: Clear the brain for eyesight, uplifting spirit.

By rubbing the Wind pool: The two thumbs are pressed in the same side of the wind pool point (the back of the neck on both sides of the Depression), the rest of the fingers attached to the sides of the head, from light to heavily pressed 20~30 times.

Efficacy: Ventilation dispelling, resuscitation and analgesia.

Neck muscle: Put the left (right) hand on the back of the neck, the thumb placed on the lateral side of the neck, the remaining four fingers on the side of the neck, the two hands force on the right, the neck muscle upward lift, relax, along the wind pool point down to the large 20~30.

Efficacy: Relieve pain, reconcile qi and blood.

Press the shoulder shaft: To the left (right) hand finger on the right side of the shoulder hole (in the middle of the big vertebra and shoulder peak connection, shoulder sinews), and then from light to heavy pressing 10~20 times, alternating on both sides.

Efficacy: pass through, dispelling pain.

Massage Large vertebrae: With left (right) hand four fingers together put on the upper back, hard repeated massage large vertebral hole (located in the posterior cervical vertebra the largest vertebral body below the gap) each 20~30 times, to local fever is good, the two sides alternately.

Efficacy: Wind dispelling, blood circulation and collaterals.

For internal and external clearance: Use Left (right) hand thumb tip in the right (left) hand closed point (above 2 inch, between the two tendons), the middle finger placed on the side of the outside of the point (opposite the point), at the same time on the same force press knead 0.5-1 minutes, alternating hands.

Efficacy: ning Heart through the network, wide chest line of gas.

Pinch and knead Hegu: The left (right) hand thumb fingertips placed in the other hands of the Hegu point (that is, the jaws), the thumb pinch knead 10~20 times, hands alternately.

Efficacy: Wind-thinning table, awakening God.

Head of Comb: The hands of the two fingers are placed on both sides of the head, a little pressure from the head to the brain after the hair to do “comb” action 20~30 times. Efficacy: Refreshing eye-catching, clear brain pain relief.