Chicken Pond in the neck of the two sides

Press to rub the wind pool cavity. Chicken Pond in the neck of the two sides under the occipital bone, hair between the side of the large lateral depression. Use the thumb or middle finger to place on both sides of the chicken pond, from the light and focus pressure, and then knead the clockwise direction of the light rubbing, until the point local feeling of acid swell comfortable appropriate. In the process of rubbing, gently turn the neck.

General operation 2 minutes or so.

By rubbing the day’s Den By rubbing the days of the Den. The point of the day is in the center of the lower fossa of scapula. Active relaxation of the neck muscles, with the middle finger in the patient’s day of the 2-minute rubbing force on the shoulder to the shoulders of acid swelling, weakness of the upper limb for degrees.

When rubbing slowly turn the neck, the range of rotation from small to large.

Press RUB shoulder Well Cave Press RUB shoulder well hole. The point of the shoulder well is in the middle of the connection between the big vertebra and the shoulder peak, straight to the milk in front. The two fingers are pressed on both sides of the shoulder well points, with the Palm force and the finger Force from the light and the edge of the side of the promotion of muscle, at the same time by rubbing shoulder well points.

Rub the number of times and time with the shoulders, neck muscles to relax for degrees.

Press rub after the creek Cave Press rub after the creek den. After the point of the 5th Palm finger joint after the foot side, red and white meat in the place.

With thumb nails on the affected side of the creek cavity, the strength from light and heavy, so that the feeling of swelling of the acid and hemp is spread upward, generally lasting 2-3 minutes. Stiff neck is mainly caused by poor pillow pads during sleep, so it is important to sleep in the usual sleeping position. Before you go to bed at night, try not to play too long on your phone or read. Everything to prevention!