on your knees, the natural God pulls back

Sitting on your knees, the natural God pulls back, so that the spine joints and muscle ligaments are relaxed. In the evening before bedtime or in the morning to get up, hold the knee and sit posture for 213 minutes, can make the person with chronic back pain relieved symptoms.

Exercisers can also lie on the bed, as much as possible to bend the bone, with both hands to cross hold the knees in front of the chest, so that the lumbar spine flexion-like. Everyone else with one hand to hold the exercise of the foot of the bottom, the other hand to hold the exercise of the neck back, in the hands of the force, the same time, instruct the exercisers to cooperate with force, before and after rolling 10,130 times, and then forcibly flexion and knees 315 times. Exercise this way 213 times a day. Exercisers can also exercise their own “rolling exercise”, the number of exercises should be less to more, lighter to heavy, gradually increase the amount of exercise, do not rush. In the early stage of the exercise can appear waist swelling pain, generally 213 days can disappear.

It is worth noting that the lumbar spine over-convex or straight people should not exercise this way. In order to prevent backache, usually to strengthen the back and legs of the functional activities, such as more do Guangbo Cao in the breast enlargement exercise or supine, prone to enhance the lumbar back muscle function exercises, playing taijiquan and self-massage. Should avoid long time to bow to work and cold, colds and so on.