Lumbar pain as long as is lumbar muscle strain can massage

Lumbar pain as long as is lumbar muscle strain can massage or electrotherapy. In the case of nephritis, the disc problem is just a casual massage.

Suffering from lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion recommended that the spine and intervertebral discs in a timely manner to rest, can be combined with physiotherapy and tonifying the kidney Zhuang bone of Chinese Medicine Treatment:


Take sitting posture, two fingers together, respectively placed in the left and right after the lumbar part, palms inward, up and down slowly rub, until fever.

Rolling: Two hand fist, put the waist to the surrounding rolling, massage, bottom-up, top-down, repeated several times.

The head can be tilted back with the forward tilt.


The two hands to rub fever, overlap in the middle of the lumbar spine, from the top and push rub 30-50 times, to the local generation of fever.


Hands on the hips, thumbs, respectively, press at the come place, squeeze hard, and rotate and knead, first clockwise, after the counter-clockwise 36 laps.

Pinch: You can sit in front of your feet, bend your knees, or sit upright.

Pinch the hands separately, lift and release the waist muscles 15-20 times.


Double hand fist, two fists palms outward, tapping waist to not cause pain advisable, left and right at the same time, each knock 30 times.


Hands anti-hips, thumb in front, press on the lumbar side, the remaining four refers to the side of the lumbar spine, with the abdomen to scratch the skin, from the come caught tail, both hands at the same time, each grabbed 36 times.


Two hands to the waist, to palm root press come place, palms to the inside fast up and down jitter 15-20 times.


Take the seat, with the left or right middle finger to rub the person in the hole for 1-2 minutes.

Point: Take the seat, with two fingers at the fingertips of the two legs on the middle point (after the knee), click 1-2 minutes, until the department appears acid, hemp, swelling feeling.