How to effectively prevent the disease of nasal polyps

Cerebral thrombosis is a common middle-aged “killer”, with a frightening “four high characteristics”: high morbidity, high mortality, high recurrence rate, high disability rate.

Patients with light hemiplegia, heavy loss of life.


Each year after the winter, the number of people suffering from cerebral thrombosis will appear 3 small peaks, respectively, during the winter, before the Spring Festival and during the Spring Festival, and these 3 small peaks, are the cold weather, temperature reduction period.

Low temperature is one of the main factors that induce cardio-cerebrovascular disease, because the human body by cold stimulation often leads to sympathetic excitement, the whole body capillary contraction, blood circulation, peripheral resistance increased, the pressure increased, brain load increased, so it is easy to trigger cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral thrombosis formation.

After winter, must shave this “veins”, to prevent and cure cerebral thrombosis most is urgent! Usually, if someone in the home has cerebral thrombosis, in the hospital is almost always infusion, not only ineffective, but also easy to hurt the Yang Qi.

Here is a very simple way to help prevent cerebral thrombosis is the most critical.

It is worth mentioning that this method is not only simple, but also can be self-healing, has had the patient of cerebral thrombosis idle is also idle, may wish a try, beneficial harmless!

Methods: Scraping the finger with scraping board, especially the middle finger of two hands and the root (veins) can help prevent cerebral thrombosis.

Why the veins of the middle finger can prevent cerebral thrombosis?

This is because the middle finger root of this veins, generally represents the degree of cerebral arteriosclerosis. Take the left hand as an example, if the veins appears on the left side of the middle finger (on the thumb side), indicating that the left arteriosclerosis, Meridian is more serious; At this point, the left side of the head is prone to discomfort, and if it appears on the right side.

If both sides have veins, and the color is darker, it is clear that the arteriosclerosis of the brain is very obvious.

10 signals before the onset of cerebral thrombosis

After middle age, to give themselves more care, especially in the cold winter, especially to pay attention to the 10 precursor of cerebral thrombosis, for their own and family, must look more!

1. Drool

Sudden talk is not neat or drooling. Jinan Fu Yuan Rehabilitation hospital nerve expert physician Wang Wenju said: “For the original blood pressure, diabetes and other cerebral thrombosis risk factors of the elderly, often drooling is probably the precursor of cerebral thrombosis.”

2. Sudden Vertigo Vertigo is a very common symptom in the precursor of cerebral thrombosis and can occur at any time, especially when waking up in the morning.

In addition, after fatigue, bathing is also prone to occur.

Especially hypertensive patients, if 1 days to 2 days of repeated 5 times above vertigo, the risk of cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction will increase.

3, sudden onset of severe headache

Sudden occurrence of severe headache and accompanied by convulsions, the recent history of head trauma with coma, drowsiness, the nature of headache, location, distribution and other sudden changes, due to cough and aggravated headache, severe headache and pain in the night wake prone to cerebral thrombosis.

4, Yawn repeatedly

80% of patients with ischemic cerebral thrombosis, the onset of the disease before 5 days to 10 days will appear yawn repeatedly phenomenon.

5. Abnormal gait Stumbling, walking weakness is one of the symptoms of hemiplegia.

If the gait of the elderly is suddenly changed, accompanied by numbness and weakness in the limbs, it is a precursor to cerebrovascular disease, such as cerebral thrombosis.

6. Blurred visual material

Short-term visual impairment or vision defect, more than 1 hours of self-recovery.

7. Razor Landing

When he was shaving with a knife, his head turned to one side and suddenly felt his arm was powerless to land a razor, and recovered completely after 1 minutes to 2 minutes.

This is due to the twisting and narrowing of the carotid artery that caused the hardening of the neck when the head turned to the neck, leading to insufficient blood supply.

8. Abnormal blood pressure

The sudden rise of blood pressure to 200/120mmhg above, is the precursor of cerebral thrombosis, blood pressure suddenly drops below 80/50mmhg, is the precursor of cerebral thrombosis.

9, hypertensive patients with nasal hemorrhage This is a dangerous signal that deserves attention.

If the hypertensive patient several times massive nasal hemorrhage, plus fundus hemorrhage, hematuria, may occur in half a year cerebral thrombosis.

10. Partial lateral paralysis Unilateral paralysis is a transient ischemic attack, which is, strictly speaking, the lightest stroke.

According to paparazzi observation, 3 to 5 years after transient ischemic attack, more than half of people will have ischemic stroke. In addition to the above symptoms, cough, dysphagia, sudden numbness, drowsiness, tinnitus, etc. are also the precursor of cerebral thrombosis. Anyone who appears in one of these signs should be examined early and early to prevent early treatment. Once the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis, light hemiplegia, heavy loss of life. After the winter, middle-aged friends must be more scraping the middle finger on both sides of the veins, prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis is the most urgent! There are 10 before the onset of cerebral thrombosis, for their own and family, must look at a more eye! Can give friends around, circulate to each other, the key moment can help!