These eight species of Dendrobium have the most effective methods.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, the quality of life also increases with it, the most direct expression is on the diet above.

We all know that the Dendrobium is a valuable herbal medicine, the role of a lot, but you know how to eat to maximize the role of Dendrobium, we learn together, how to eat dendrobium the most health? Here’s a look at the eight big eating method of Dendrobium.

Eight health eating methods of Dendrobium

1, the Dendrobium flower tea-soothe the nerves to help sleep

Manic depression, restlessness, insomnia and many other dreams are our frequent symptoms, the appearance of these symptoms when drinking a cup of Dendrobium tea, advisable to soothe the nerves to help sleep, worry about the role of stagnation.

2, iron maple bucket soup–cough lungs Will iron Maple bucket, Tremella, wolfberry and rock sugar together soup, can be born and Tianjin cough, run lung nourishing liver, anti-asthma.

It is important to note that the longer the cooking time, the better, in a long period of high temperature to boil the active ingredient can be dissolved in the soup.

3, Dendrobium alcohol–shu-tendon Tongluo When the Dendrobium is soaked, the nutrient-rich organics are more easily dissolved in the wine. It can relieve the collaterals and keep the blood vessels unobstructed.

Dendrobium officinale Wine has a good effect on the damage of bruises.

4, Hu JuJube eggs-nutrition and blood Dendrobium hu and red jujube pot of brown sugar water, to open JuJube rotten, play an egg; continue to use low heat roasts cooked eggs.

Dendrobium, red jujube and brown sugar have the effect of blood, boiled eggs are both nutritious and blood, very suitable for the beginning of the disease, the first production of mothers to use.

5, Dendrobium millet gruel–invigorating the spleen appetizer

The iron Dendrobium fresh strips crushed with millet into the pot, add the right amount of water to boil, can be JIANPI appetizer, help food digestion, but also to prevent the treatment of gastropathy.

6, the Iron Dendrobium fresh juice–heat and reduce fire In the hot weather, eat hot pot to drink a few iron dendrobium fresh juice, can heat and reduce fire, thirst run mouth.

Depending on your taste, you can add the right amount of honey or rock sugar.

7. External use of dendrobium–nourishing skin The iron dendrobium fresh strips washed and cut into 213 centimeters, with a twist juice machine to take the juice directly on the face, neck, the back of the hand, you can eliminate color spots, wrinkles, acne, curing skin.

You can also add honey or egg white or cucumber juice to the iron Dendrobium juice to make a mask, moisturizing, whitening skin.

8, Dendrobium rice cooking–longevity The rice with Dendrobium officinale juice can be used to raise the stomach and prolong the life. If the Constitution is weak, blood is not sheng, sleep quality is poor, after taking, can make people’s blood gas unimpeded, body light and tireless.